Monday, 2 March 2009

wowow in birmingham exhibition

the gang that got the coach. from the left, Lolo girlcore , Alice kirkpatrick, Millie Brown, Becky mills, Will westal, Iza hip hop, Garry card, Iza gt, Sam volters, Theo adams, Tara grant, Andrea adams, Ellis scott, Mike goldtooth, blaine harrison. Hanna hanra, Mathew stone and Maria elisa were hiding some where! and Gareth pugh, Katie shilingford turned up later

the venue

sam with some of my slap on his face

me doing andrea's makeup

still doing andy's makeup in my set

the set with theo andrea and sam

andrea's makeup finished!!

it was such a fun day!! we all ended up getting so drunk and the exhibition! and everyone had the same idea and stole a bottle of vodka. When the got back to the hotel we all pull them out and there was around 15 litters of vladivar vodka! it was such a messy messy night and everyone was dieing on the coach home the next day!

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