Saturday, 28 February 2009

old jewellery

this is the corset neckless from my earlier post but with roses instead of feathers

phalice delalio

alice at the elle style awards! ring, glove, pins and i guess styling by me, as i talked her into wearing this outfit! which fyi it isn't house of holland it cost her £13 quid off ebay!! cash back!

old jewellery

this a really old pic of lyndon from 2006 wearing my door knocker necklace, which i think i'm going to remake soon!

actually addicted

i know there is nothing more lame than taking pics of yourself on photobooth but i really cant stop making myself into aliens!


always been obsessed with this painting by paul albert steck 1895, used by hole for there cover (i'm naff i know!)

old jewellery

This was something i made at uni it was based on the structure of a corset. Where there would be boning i made these 3d resin forms that fitted the neck, which were sewn into the neck corset. at the end of each of the resin pieces i set silver tubing which could have things attached into them.In this pic its stripped swan feathers, to look like wings.
oh and i did the makeup too.


flow at the brits!! you can see my ring as well!

the first "all you can eat"

these were done for posters for the first ever "all you can eat" club night all those years ago now. the makeup was using different food like refreshers chew bars, rocket, anchovies, steak and oriental mushrooms.
the pic were taken by ellis scott and the model was kitty kat.
the pics had to be shot from above with kat lying on her back so the food wouldn't come off. kat is such a good sport! i remember on the opening night she lay naked on this table covered by a dress i had made from sliced fruit and let every one ate it off her!! what a legend!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

lost makeup work

these were some makeup work i did age's ago now, i don't have the actual images any more which is a shame as i really liked them.
the model was neil and i think it was simian that took the pics?

dinner time?

these are some pic i did for all you can eat. It's sheep's head, jellied eels, black chocolate milk and chicken's feet.
the pics were taken by ellis scott and its Oscar thats modeling
ok so i know the hole blog bandwagon has been a long time rolling now but i though it was about time i hoped on!