Wednesday, 11 March 2009

off key trend?

So fashion week has just been and gone and most people have agreed this season was pretty bland with no real outstanding themes or styles.
The one trend that i did spot may be wishful thinking on my part or finally my style zeitgeist has finally been caught up with!
i have always been passionate advocate of grubbyness/stains and this season stains have also been take on by the fashion elite. Charles Anastase pulled his collection together with his styling - drunk models staggering down the catwalk covered in mud (hmm, where have we seen that before?). Daisy Lowe, one of our generations models of the moment wore a vintage dress with a large water mark stains across the front for the whole of Friday! Peter Genson, fashions Mr Play It Safe's invite this season was designed to look like a greasy piece of chip paper. again said Material is always found on the floor of my lounge!!
in conclusion if you don't have any stains on your clothes your boring

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  1. hello dom its calico- i saw you had une blog so i thought i would take a little peek for i am ignoring all the work i ought to be doing- i am at uni again doing illustration- any who i adore your blog monsier and shall be staining me dresses post haste if not sooner! xxx