Friday, 9 April 2010

Exit through the gift shop

i once was lucky enough to meet banksy briefly. it was at the huge don't attack Iraq protests in london in 2002. me and a friend had traveled down to london take part. It was such a epic day, i will never forget the visions of all the those people taking control of central london. Right at the end of the protest as we were coming in to hyde park and i spotted a small group of placards with what i instantly recognized as Banksy's work (helicopters with bows and grim reapers with acid smilie faces). At that time in my life i was 100% dedicated to graffiti and had been painting solidly for nearly 2 years. Banksy was a big hero of mine and not many people outside of graffiti had herd of him at this point as it was before he had released his book (which actually has a pic of this event init) so he was a bit more chilled about it. anyway i decided to go up and to chat to them as i new a couple mutual friends through graffiti and sure enough there he was! He was really nice and gave me one of the hand painted placards with the helicopter with the bow on it.
unfortunately i got into some money problems in 2005 and had to sell it, i got a grand for it which at the time i really needed but i wish more than anything i still had it!! :-(

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