Thursday, 25 February 2010

the second collection "terror with turing"

Dominic Jones Jewellery Fall/Winter 2010-2011 collection is an exploration of man’s relationship with nature--his respect for the wild as motivated by fear, instinct and desire. Progressing from themes first established in his debut collection, this season’s work maintains similar motifs in examining the beauty of nature’s power and the allure of its danger.
Employing a focused array of natural references and biological theories, the collection takes inspiration from nature’s design and its interaction with man, investing particularly in those animals and insects which instinctively prompt unease, to translate the repellent and terrifying into the desirable and luxurious. Influences range from literal aesthetic cues such as animal traps and specific fauna like the man-eating Humboldt squid, to more abstract ideas, like Alan Turing’s work on morphogenesis, the biological process by which an organism develops its shape. Ultimately, the collection serves as an investigation of the complex struggle of power between man and animal, an appropriation of the things we fear the most into something far more seductive and menacing.
all anatomically correct and to scale
vampire bat skulls
crocodile skulls and lower jaw
giant huboldt squid beak
vulture skulls

styled by Fran Burns and Max Pearmain
shot by Atiken Jolly
make up by Georgina Graham
hair Tomo Jidai
nails Sophie Robson
models Kine storm, Daphne union, Josh models 1

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