Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2009 round up

Jack Penate! i love jack to bits he was the inspiration for the jack ring in my collection, i know for the sake of professionalism I've never corrected people when the presume that the jack ring is teeth as it ties it to the rest of the collection. but i feel its safe to set the record straight they are actually guitar plectrums not teeth. i designed the ring for him as a way of my almost jamming with him i know how hugely fucking naff that sounds but i'm a unrequited musician at heart i'm always singing badly to myself and have always surrounded myself amazingly talented musicians. one night at a after party at kai from the mystery jets house they were all sat around playing away, bouncing off each other and i got really pissed off that i couldn't join in. after i was chatting with jack while he was strumming away. he's such a passionate and warm person and i was annoyed that my talent wasn't instant and couldn't be shared in the moment. So in my fucked 5 in the morning state i was like" i hate this i'm going to make you a ring!!" and i did. now loads of people wear a little bit of my appreciation and respect for him.

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